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Who can say Happy Valentines? (Pihalla / Screwed news)

Screwed film 2017

Happy Valentines used to mean friends and family to me, but the past three or four years made me realise the day is as much about friendship and love as it is about equality.

It’s fascinating to think that it’s equally difficult for a Finn to say I love you to another Finn, no matter if you’re a dude who’s into girls or a dude who’s into dudes. I realise we’re not there yet as a society, but I’d like to think we’re well on our way. Pihalla / Screwed was written four years ago by Tom and I because we wanted to show people a world where nobody cares if you’re gay. For many, the world Miku and Elias inhabited felt real enough to actually be possible.

1 100 + people saw our movie in Finnish cinemas during its six week run. We got quite a few requests to screen the film in places we couldn’t reach, so we’re happy to announce we have a Finnish Pihalla/Screwed DVD coming out around April! Hopefully our film will reach whomever wants to see it sooner than later! Meanwhile you can get your hands on the US / UK / DE and FR versions of the film on Amazon.

That’s all for now. Tom and I would like to wish you all a happy Valentines day!
– Nils

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