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The Piano Lesson airs alongside Nils-Erik’s interview on Finnish television YLE 16.4.2023 at 20:19. The Piano Lesson is a short film where two young lives intertwine by the melody of a piano as the world goes mad around them during World War 2.

See YLEs ohjelmaopas for more information: https://areena.yle.fi/tv/opas?t=2023-04-16

The Piano Lesson Teaser (30 sec.)

YLE was a key component in making The Piano Lesson a reality. Without their trust in our ability to see this project through we wouldn’t have been able to get our other financiers on board. We can finally bring the story of how teenagers Alvar and Eva try to find their loved ones as Soviet bombs start falling over Helsinki in 1941.

It’s exciting to finally get this project out to a wider audience!

Nils-Erik on a virtual production set at YLE.

The interview was conducted on a virtual production set on YLE’s Studiotalo in Pasila. They went all out and did a set replica of the elevator in Hotel Torni. This meant creating a 3D model of the stairway which was projected onto a giant screen seen through the windows of the elevator. The stairway looped in the background while Matilda Gyllenberg from YLE interviewed me.

We hope you enjoy the show!

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