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“THE PIANO LESSON” has been financed!

TEN THOUSAND HEARTS has finished financing THE PIANO LESSON, an ANIME short film set in the 1940s Helsinki.

During her darkest moment Maire hears the melody of a piano.

“We’re using vibrant animation to tell an anti-war story through the eyes of innocent kids” says the film’s Creative Lead and Co-Director Nils-Erik Ekblom.

In THE PIANO LESSON, two young lives intertwine by the melody of a piano as the world goes mad around them during World War 2.

Meri-Tuulia Mäkelä designed the characters and key locations off of war film production experts Juvonen’s and Kuivasto’s research.

“I wrote the first draft of the script over ten years ago and I’m excited to finally bring the story of young Alvar, Eva and little Maire to life” says the film’s Executive Producer and Co-Director Tom Norrgrann.

Covid19 affected early development and financing.

“All involved in the project were hit pretty hard by the Pandemic in various ways” says Tom Norrgrann.

“The project was delayed by a year, but who cares at this point really? We’re just happy to be in production,” says Nils-Erik Ekblom.

Nils-Erik’s storyboards have been redrawn and re-interpreted by the team led by Brian Barredo at 9LIVESANIMATION.

9LIVESANIMATION, who’s work will soon be seen on Netflix, was chosen to animate the film. The studio is currently gearing up for production. Watch the teaser for THE PIANO LESSON below.

The Piano Lesson – Teaser

THE PIANO LESSON (orig. Pianolektion) goes into production Q2 2021.

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The Piano Lesson has been funded by YLE, Svenska Kulturfonden, Konstsamfundet, AVEK and the Finnish Film Foundation.

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