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Proud of Happi Pride (Pihalla Show + Q&A at Happi Pride 21.2.2019)

I did a QA session for a Pride organisation celebrating it’s one year anniversary at Happi, a Youth Center in Helsinki.

A lot of my youth related work has happened in the same building involving music, charity and film. It always warms my heart to visit Happi and see what’s going on.

Visiting Happi’s new safe space and meeting their youth was a cool experience (thanks Nicole for inviting me!). Unfortunately Happi’s journey as is, is coming to an end.

Happi will close it’s doors this year and hopefully, whatever communities that exist because of Happi, finds a new home to be in. The work that’s been done in that building by all it’s visitors and employees over it’s ten year journey is quite remarkable.

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