My Shadow (Working Title)

In rural 40’s Finland, Second World War-veteran Linda is forced to choose between living in danger with the love of her life Kitte, or abandoning her feelings in favor of an easier life, at a time when same-sex relationships were still viewed as sick and punishable.


My Shadow is an LGBT-themed feature film set in 40’s wartime Finland. The story is written and directed by Nils-Erik Ekblom. My Shadow is currently in early the pre-production/funding phase. Story development, initial casting and Pre-Visualisation place over the summer 2018.

Oksana Lommi and Amanda Virolainen are set to play the leading parts of Linda and Kitte, with Janne Puustinen (A Moment In The Reeds 2018), Mika Melender (A Moment In The Reeds 2018, Viraali 2017) and Carl Alm in the supporting cast.

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Who can say Happy Valentines? (Pihalla / Screwed news)

Happy Valentines used to mean friends and family to me, but the past three or four years made me realise the day is as much about friendship and love as it is about equality. It's fascinating to think that it's equally difficult for a Finn to say I love you to another...

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