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PIHALLA Finnish DVD OUT NOW (w/ ENG sub and extras)

With the help of PEK and Elokuvapalvelu J Suomalainen Pihalla has gotten its DVD release in Finland!

Buy the DVD online here:

Suomalainen Elokuvakauppa



We’re also available at these B&M stores: Veljekset Keskinen, Rosebud and FilmTown (rental).

You can also find us in libraries across the nation 🙂 !

Check out our cover by Juha Lassila!

As an extra for the Finnish release we were able to include our short film Love Between Storeys which is a story about Adam and Jenny who get stuck in an office lift. This movie is our first foray into dialogue driven film.

Other extras are extended scenes with some commentary and our FrameLine41 San Francisco Premiere Q&A.

With the release of this DVD we’re soon reaching the end of Pihalla release plans. It’s been quite a ride so far!

Stay tuned for more news on our Ten Thousand Hearts Facebook / IG and Pihalla Facebook.


  • December 17, 2019
    E. Hillmann

    Great, sweet, refreshing and well-made movie. The actors did a great job especially the main character, a really superb natural actor.

    How can I get a copy of the DVD? Please contact me, I am in the USA. Dischop.fi is selling it with a 60% discount but does not seem to able to receive international orders.

    Please let me know and congratulations on this movie.

  • December 17, 2019
    E. Hillmann

    Top-notch movie. Please offer it on BlueRay and 4K format to make justice to the beauty of Finland.


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