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From the makers of SCREWED / PIHALLA , comes an intimate story about Mikael, who after losing his former looks and health, is forced to face his own vanity when he uses a fake profile to lure a much younger man, Paul, over to his apartment.


The crew of MONOLOGUES FOR A BOY celebrating a successful shoot. From left to right: Tom Norrgrann (executive producer), Nils-Erik Ekblom (writer/director), Janne Puustinen (Paul), Harri Järvinen (scenography/sound), Mika Melender (Mikael), Linda Nyman (production assistant), Marko Elovaara (Director of Photography).

MONOLOGUES FOR A BOY was shot over a period of ten days in a highrise in the Kalasatama region of Helsinki. Filming wrapped early October and now the production is looking to further finance the post production of the film. MONOLOGUES FOR A BOY is the second Queer-themed feature film produced by Ten Thousand Hearts.

Janne Puustinen, from A Moment In The Reeds fame, plays Paul, who is looking at the view over Redi in Kalasatama, Helsinki.

In the film Mikael (played by Mika Melender, known for A Moment In The Reeds and Viraali) who’s lost his charming looks and health due to a terrible illness, is considering ending his life while the pandemic spreads around the world. In his final hours Mikael decides to use his old dating profile to trick a much younger man named Paul to his apartment. To Mikael’s surprise Paul isn’t fazed by Mikael’s scarred looks. With a nationwide curfew in place, the characters remain stuck in the apartment for days. Soon alarming aspects about Paul begin to emerge, as Mikael seems unable to convince him to leave.

The artistic workforce behind MONOLOGUES FOR A BOY met for the first time face to face in the beginning of August. This was during Testshoots at the filming location that was arranged one month before principal photography started.

The story was created over six months by an artistic workforce. In the workforce was director/writer Nils-Erik Ekblom (Pihalla/SCREWED 2017 / Finnkino 2018), actor Mika Melender (Viraali, A Moment In The Reeds), actor Janne Puustinen (best actor Jussi-nomination for A Moment In The Reeds), director of photography Marko Elovaara and scenographer/sound Harri Järvinen.

Pictured Mikael played by Mika Melender. In Monologues For A Boy the characters’ sense of time disappears and morning and evening begin to blur together.

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the film’s artistic workforce met face to face only once before filming. All planning and rehearsals were done by using remote tools. The shoots were moved already once from May to the end of September while the group evaluated whether or not it was safe to film or not.

MONOLOGUES FOR BOYS is looking to release in 2021.

Director and Screenwriter: Nils-Erik Ekblom
DoP: Marko Elovaara
Actors: Mika Melender, Janne Puustinen
Styling: Ninni Melender
Scenography and Sound: Harri Järvinen
Production Assistant: Linda Nyman
Executive Producer: Tom Norrgrann

Contact for more information and interview requests:
Ten Thousand Hearts / Nils-Erik Ekblom
p. 040 561 08 49 / nisse.ekblom@gmail.com

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