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We have 1 000 000+ views on fan-made SCREWED / Pihalla content on YouTube!

There comes a time in anybody’s life, when you wanna find out how the internet has reacted to things you’ve published. It’s been over six months since we released our Screwed / Pihalla DVD in Finland and oh boy our San Francisco premiere happened over two years ago by now.

There’s been a good amount of news, reviews and reactions to the film that I’ve enjoyed reading and responding to with Tom. It’s been a delight and naturally the buzz has started to die down. So it felt a bit crazy to stumble upon Demian Ds channel, that has a Music Video based on footage from our film with nearly a million views!

(here’s a screenshot in case it gets taken down by our distributors)

Watch the Music Video on YouTube here!

If you liked Demina’s stuff. Check out TheVickylove90’s and Reasons to Believe as well. There’s some more out there you can find with a few YouTube searches as well ūüôā !

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